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If you are planning on presenting at the Ottawa Mathematics Conference you may be eligible for a travel grant. Eligible students include conference participants presenting original research from out of town. Grants are limited and speakers at the conference are given priority. The Ottawa Mathematics Conference adheres to the University of Ottawa’s Policies on conference grants. Consult the relevant sections below for more details on travel grants.



  • Travel Expense Claim Form ( PDF )

Note: If you cannot access this form in PDF format and wish to obtain hard copy  please contact the conference coordinator (


Mode of Transportation

Travel should be made by the most practical, economical and direct route possible.

Air: Travel by air is not recommended. The Conference reimburses an amount representing the equivalent cost of one of the other modes of transportation listed here.

Train: The conference reimburses an amount not to exceed first class.

Private vehicle: The Conference reimburses the kilometric rate as determined by the university of Ottawa.

Due to the availability of funds the organizing committee reserves the right to cap any reimbursement for travel.



Financial resources are limited, expenses for travel are given high priority. Accommodation grants may be given out on a case by case basis. The Traveller is reimbursed for actual expenses for single accommodation in a standard room. Such accommodation should be convenient and comfortable. The use of luxury accommodation is not permitted unless approved by the Authorized Approver and the event is hosted in such accommodations.

Documentation Required in Support of Request

A Traveller must submit the following when requesting a reimbursement of travel expenses:

  1. An Expense Form with the Traveller and the Authorized Approver’s signature,
  2. Original Itemized Receipts,
  3. Receipts and other documentation as proof of air/rail travel such as boarding pass or other receipts for costs incurred at the travel destination
  4. The name of any other source where reimbursement of the expense is received or may be claimed

Photocopies, credit card statements and Interac slips are not sufficient. If original itemized receipts and any other supporting documentation do not provide sufficient information or cannot be obtained or are not available, the Traveller must provide a written explanation, complete the missing receipt affidavit and submit, for consideration, a copy of any other document as proof of the expense. An Expense may be refused if a Traveller regularly fails to provide original receipts.